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Payment Plans

Flexible interest-free repayment options on all packages

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Guaranteed to look good on all handheld mobile and tablet devices

Self Update

Easily make content edits and updates to your WordPress website

Fast Loading

Designed to load lightning fast on mobiles and desktops

Want a professional agency-made web design but can’t pay upfront?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re shopping around for a website quote but can’t find information on pricing?
  • Or worse, you’ve found an agency you like but can’t afford their quote when they get back to you?

Makes you want to get a cheap website doesn’t it?

Think of all the bad web designs you’ve seen and how they made you feel. You don’t want your customers to feel the same way about your business. Do you?

You know a good-looking website will make a difference. But what do you do if you can’t afford to pay it up front? Settle for an ordinary site? Before you do, we may have a solution to your problem.

Ezy Online have a range of web design packages with upfront or flexible payment plans. You can get online faster and spread out the website costs over several months. That means you can own a great-looking website without having to pay a massive fee upfront.

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Choose to pay on a flexible payment plan or with a 30% deposit and balance due on launch.

Find out the price of our website packages in three ezy steps. The quote will show you the costs and calculate a breakdown of the monthly or fortnightly repayments.

Our quote calculator will break down the costs and the repayment.

Step 1

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Fill in the questionnaire

Only choose and select the options you need for your business. Your answers will determine the final cost.

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Step 01

Click the quote button

You can find our Quote button everywhere on this website. But just in case we’ve included it right below. Hit that orange button and start your quote right now.

Step 2

Fill in the questionnaire

Only choose and select the options you need for your business. Your answers will determine the final cost to build your website.

Step 3

Find out costs straight away

You won’t be asked for your email just to see the quote. We want to be upfront and transparent about our pricing. You’ll also get a breakdown of the repayment based on your chosen package.

Why choose us to design your website

Flexible payment options

We have options to make interest-free repayments

Great looking designs

Beautiful website designs no matter which package you choose

Affordable pricing

Our pricing lets any business afford a professional design

Self-manage your pages

Our WordPress sites let you be in charge of your content

Fast loading websites

We use Gutenberg Blocks to build lightning-fast websites

Convert visitors to customers

Our websites inspires trust and encourages conversions

Can’t pay all at once?

Our flexible repayment options mean you can get your business online faster

Choose to pay upfront or with flexible payment plans in monthly and fortnightly instalments

What happens when you submit your quote

We’ve outlined the steps below of what to expect if we work together.

We use a tried and tested process to eliminate confusion or delays


We send you a contract to formally start the web design project

Once we receive your quote, we contact you to confirm. We then draft a contract outlining the costs and the tasks required.


Settle the deposit and return the signed contract with the direct debit details

We use your direct debit details to pay for the domain and hosting that we require for development.


We then send you a Creative brief and a Content form to fill in

This is where you get creative and describe the look-&-feel of the site and provide the wording for the website’s pages.


Confirm launch dates and produce a draft

Once we received both the Creative and Content briefs, we will give a timeframe to launch and start designing a website mockup.


Review the design and build the website

We revise the mockup until we get it right (max 2 revisions). Once approved we then convert the mockup into a responsive WordPress website


Finalise the payment and launch your website

We revise the web design until you are happy. We then follow up with a request for final payment before we launch your website.

Our Work

Professional business websites

South Local Electrical

Ezy Online Package

Infuse Financial

Ezy ProBiz Package

Rick Soon Realty

Ezy ProBiz Package

Website packages

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We offer interest-free flexible repayment options for all our packages. 

Starter Business Premium
Pages (up to) 1 10 25
Design style Professional Creative Commercial
Mobile friendly
Add/Edit pages
Blog setup
Animations Simple Simple Complex
Stock image quality Free Paid Paid
Estimated turnaround 2 weeks 3-4 weeks 4-6 weeks
Payment plan 3/mo 6/mo 12/mo

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Get in touch if you have any questions, we are always available to help.

Package AddOns

Website options to expand your business

Offer more to your visitors with these website addons

Online Courses

Our Courses add-on lets you create an online course that you can share or sell.

  • Drip feed and schedule content exactly when your student needs it.
  • Gently remind them and give rewards when they complete lessons.
  • Easily integrate with payment platforms to sell your course online.
Bookings Scheduler

Accept online bookings 24/7 on your website and automate your reservations.

  • Let your customers select a service and suitable timeslot
  • Automatically added to your booking schedule
  • Perfect for hairdressers, photographers, and any business that accepts reservations
Events Calendar

This addon is perfect for showcasing events, your availability or schedule in an easy-to-see calendar view.

  • Share important key dates for your organisation
  • Show the entertainment lineup for your venue
  • Create tickets for events and integrate with PayPal to collect payments.
Members Portal

Allow your visitors to access premium content, features, or create a private community with our Members addon.

  • Integrate with Paypal so you can receive membership fees
  • Sell access to your site’s content with single payments or recurring subscriptions.
  • Restrict posts, pages, categories, and tags by WordPress user role, membership level, or access level.

Easily manage your products, orders, and customers and calculate shipping quotes directly from Australia Post. Perfect for any online business operating in Australia.

  • Get paid from credit cards and payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, and eWay.
  • Calculate domestic or international shipping, free shipping, local delivery, local pickup, flat rates, and variable rates depending on the location, weight, and item quantity.

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Client Testimonials

Words from our happy clients

Jude O’Hara


“Such a great website design that exceeded my expectations. Kelvin really felt the vibe I was looking for my target market & the feedback I’m getting is how well laid out the site is & easy to navigate”

Mathew King


“In particular, they took a genuine interest in understanding our business and how we deliver value to make sure the website not only looked good but was going to help us as a business”

Kristen Gardner


“His work is very professional, has gone above and beyond helping us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any of your web design or IT needs. Thanks, Kelvin”

About Us

Ezy Online is about engaging designs, being affordable, and not wasting your time

We aim to provide agency designs at an affordable cost for business owners. We also want to provide that level of service without wasting anybody’s time. You see, a web design project can sometimes drag on for months. That’s not great news if you want to get your business off the ground. That led us to implement a “Content first, Design second” approach to get rid of confusion and delays. We also understand the difficulties of financing a web design project. With that in mind, we put in place interest-free repayment options to allow businesses the flexibility to spread payments out over several months.

Hi there! My name is Kelvin and thanks for stopping by. I have designed websites for many agencies in my career and no two places I worked at are the same. But almost every agency I’ve worked for comes across the same problems time and time again. You see, a web design project can sometimes drag on for months. That’s not great news if you want to get your business off the ground. I always thought “if I ran things I would do it another way”. And with that thought Ezy Web Design came to be.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question we haven’t answered then please get in touch via the form below.


You sure can! You can edit words or add images to a page without knowing how to code or needing our help

Changes to the design and structure of the website are possible. But, if you’re unhappy about the way something looks then we haven’t done our job properly. To avoid disappointment make sure you voice your concerns during the mockup stage of the project when the design is not yet final.

You can add as many pages as you like. Our WordPress websites come with an attractive default template page that lets you easily create new pages without needing our help. But if you’re allergic to computers we can add pages on your behalf for an hourly fee. 

Ezy as clicking a button! We will guide you on the basics of using your WordPress site. When your site is launched, we will send you a website owner’s manual and it will cover the basics of adding new pages.

WordPress plugins let users make changes to the website that usually requires developers. If you wanted to do SEO, well there’s a plugin for that. In fact, there’s a plugin for anything you can think of. There are security, analytics, and many other plugins to enhance your website. Be aware that plugins do require updating to patch security vulnerabilities. The more you install means the more you have to maintain and update in the long run.

WordPress can be used to create entire websites through its themes and plugins. It is easy to use and has a large community that contributes to its development. Because of those reasons, WordPress is a popular choice for businesses in Australia, and partly why we choose it for our website builds.


Absolutely. You are allowed two revisions to the design during the mockup stage. Additional revisions past the first 2 may incur charges.

All Ezy Web Design packages require a 30% deposit to start a project. The remaining fee is paid in full before the website launches and goes live. We have flexible payment options so ask us if you need them.

If you opt for our flexible repayment option, then the first payment of the schedule is required to start the project. For example, if you choose the Ezy Starter on a 6 monthly repayment, the first month needs to be paid to start the project. You won’t be charged anything else while the website is being built. Payment for the remaining 5 months will resume after the website is launched.

Our Ezy Starter package has options for (6 monthly/12 fortnightly) repayments. Ezy Business package has (12 monthly/24 fortnightly) options, and the Ezy Premium package has (18 monthly/36 fortnightly) interest-free repayments options.

Provided we receive the content first, our average build time for each website package is Ezy Starter(2 weeks), Ezy Business (4 weeks), and Ezy Premium (4-6 weeks). eCommerce is the most complex website to build and can take up to 2-3 months to complete. There are other factors that will affect the timeline. Factors like the complexity of the project, how quick you are with providing assets and feedback, and how long revisions take.


All websites have running costs regardless of who builds them and our Ezy websites are no exception. There will be web hosting paid monthly or yearly. Your domain name attracts a bi-annual fee. There is also WordPress maintenance to keep things running. Maintenance includes backups, updates to plugins, and updates to WordPress core files.

We make sure all websites we build will work flawlessly on any handheld device you view them on. If you find a particular device that it doesn’t look correct on then let us know and we can make sure it does.

We believe that the wording for the website guides the design process. The “Content First” approach uses actual content to determine the layout and what to include in the design. Sure we can use placeholder or dummy text first and then fill it with actual content in the end. But in our experience that only causes issues. Especially when the actual content exceeds the space we allowed for in the mockup. It is harder to fit words into a fixed layout and easier to build a layout around wording instead.

It’s easy to know how many pages you want but it’s more important to have the words for those pages ready before the project begins. What do you want to tell the people that visit your website? Most business owners don’t think about that. When they do it’s usually halfway through the project. Builds that should take a few weeks can sometimes turn into months because the wording was an afterthought. That’s why it’s important to have words ready before the design starts.

We can’t place enough importance on having your content ready. That’s why we offer a copywriting service to help you write the content and to make sure the project stays on schedule. If you’re having trouble with producing the wording then simply talk us to. We can help come up with SEO-friendly content that will compel your visitors.

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